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  The LTD (Local Tennis Development) tennis school was established in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa in September 2007.

We use Chrismar Tennis Club, with seven courts, as our main base. The purpose of our school is to give all children and adults of all ages and all tennis levels, the opportunity to play, improve and enjoy the game of tennis. Progress will also be determined by the effort a player puts in.

will make sure you develop your game to the highest possible level.

Tennis is a lifetime sport that teaches advanced ball skills that can be applied to and will benefit most other sports, is beneficial for health and fitness in general, and can be enjoyed with friends and family of all ages.
Where other sports like rugby, netball, hockey and cricket are mostly only played during a person's school years and maybe university, tennis can be played well into your retirement years.

- We offer group, private and semi-private coaching for ALL AGES and skill levels -

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Do you know about the change in the 10-years-and-under International Tennis Federation rule? Click 
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The principles we use in our coaching approach are very simple.   

  1. Create the best environment:
    • appropriate sized courts for different ages and levels
    • slower and lower bouncing balls for young beginners
    • having fun
    • developing your game from where it's at to the highest possible level
  2. Present appropriate competition:
    • shorter, multi-match formats and events, especially for young beginners
    • team and individual matches
    • using simple scoring systems for beginners
  3. Coaching with a game based approach in our coaching.

....you can serve, rally and score from the start!

The video clips below clearly indicate where we are heading with junior tennis world-wide and it also says something about our approach towards coaching juniors.

Storytime - Andre Agassi and Steffi Graff.

Tennis and Let's Move

We also supply Dunlop tennis equipment for both the player and the coach...



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